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"Cherry’s regal bearing and prayerful melismas in the first of his two “Hölderlin Songs” stood in sharp contrast to the unrestrained mad scene he threw down in the final song."

The Boston Globe 


"Ryne Cherry, a baritone, gave gripping performances of two of Kurtag’s unaccompanied Hölderlin Songs."

James R. Oestreich - The New York Times


"Ryne Cherry was a fierce Sam, exploding with his disappointment over his gay, mentally ill son and his own failures in life."

The Wall Street Journal


"Baritone Ryne Cherry was deeply moving with a nice rendering of the melancholy ballad "Skylark" by Hoagy Carmichael. He was well paired with soprano Paulina Swierczek on the Gershwins' "Let's Call the Whole Thing Off." 

Berkshire Fine Arts

"Ryne Cherry’s Mustafá rollicked with swagger, generosity of projection and engaged characterization."

Musical Intelligencer


"   ...Cherry stalked the stage and brought an unhinged passion to his texts, which ran a gamut from gentle philosophy to a depiction of Hölderlin’s insanity."

"Baritone Ryne Cherry has a voice of real beauty and his velvety tone was well-suited for Pietro's legato passages."


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